About us

MQUID is an advisory and management firm based in Lagos, Nigeria. MQUID specializes in banking and financial sector projects in Nigeria, with a particular focus on MSME and micro finance.



MQUID’S mission is to build a national network of commercial MSMEs and microfinance banks/institutes and a recognized promoter of the commercialization of the microfinance industry.


The owners of MQUID share the conviction that the microfinance industry needs to increase its professionalism and commercial orientation in order to be able to reach the scale required to provide the poor with broad access to adequate financial services. At the core of this process is the need to strengthen retail structures. Earlier waves of stand-alone microfinance institutions,  have rarely been able to exploit the high potential for standardization, synergies and economies of scale that is inherent in modern microfinance.


MQUID works for a growing range of reputable clients from a variety of backgrounds. Recent clients include national financial institutions such as Grooming Centre as well as an increasing number of private commercial banks and investment funds.

Track Record

MQUID has built a distinguished track record for providing high-quality services and delivering impeccable project results even in difficult country environments. MQUID has evolved into a leading provider of integrated service solutions for both MSMEs and Microfinance Banks/Institutes.


Our team


Chijioke Okafor

Managing Director

Tel: +44 7776306123+234 810 9439 770


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Name, position, contact details