Advisory Projects and Services

MQUID started in 2013 as a consulting firm for financial institutions and banks in Nigeria. Since then the company’s profile has broadened and management of such institutions has become an integral part.


MQUID conducts comprehensive research to identify possible engagements and to determine their feasibility. Market research carried out by MQUID is mainly in the field of operation, supported by desk information. This leads to a comprehensive feasibility study that allows the creation of a plausible business plan.

Due Diligence

Through its profound experience acquired in 3 years of operation MQUID has gained expert knowledge in due diligence and valuation of microfinance institutions.

Project Implementation

The backbone of MQUID services is the implementation and development of MSME financial products. The core of the portfolio is composed of micro, small and medium sized enterprise loans. MQUID also offers solutions for other loan products (such as agricultural and mortgage loans), as well as a multitude of non-credit products and services, for instance savings, money transfer and payment services.

Information Technology

MQUID maintains a professional IT division that is able to provide the necessary hardware, software, maintenance and training support for financial institutions with a MSME and microfinance background.

Internal Audit

In its projects and assignments MQUID places high value on internal audit. It therefore puts emphasis on performing audits by its own staff members in projects. An important aspect has become the training of client staff and consultants in auditing.